Chewy the alpaca at the beach

About Alpaca Beach Gifts

Alpaca Beach Gifts mugs and blankets are beautiful gifts that say “I love you,” “I support you,” and “You are my sunshine.”

I was scrolling through YouTube one day when I came across Chewy, a pet alpaca who lives with his human in Australia. Chewy went to the beach where he loved to lie down in the water. I loved this Chewy so much, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to take my alpaca to the beach every day?

That was the thought that started Alpaca Beach Gifts.

I hope you enjoy our beach alpacas and llamas as much as we do.

We want you to have the perfect gift to say “I love you” and “I support you,” and “You are my sunshine.”

Thank you for shopping at the place where there’s always a beautiful alpaca near the water at the sunny beach.