Return Policy

Can I Cancel an Order?

Orders are not guaranteed to be cancelled. Once they go to the printer, we are obligated to pay for your piece. However, if you put in a cancellation request, and we can catch your order before the printer picks it up, we will cancel it for you.

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What Happens if the Printer or the Shipper Damages the Order

If your item is not perfect when you receive it, we will ask for it back, and we will put in a new order and new shipment for you at our cost. To be eligible for this policy's benefits, you must:

  1. contact us within 7 days of receiving the product to make a damage claim
  2. upload at least one picture of the damage sufficient for us to see the problem
  3. return the damaged item to us (at our expense) according to the directions we give you

We do not accept returns or cancellations for damaged items. We will get you a replacement as soon as possible after you notify us of the problem.

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What Happens if I Get the Wrong Item

If you receive the wrong item, size, or other option, we will replace it for you as soon as possible and or free. Please use this form to explain the problem.

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